Invalidating the session in javascript teen dating guidelines

31-May-2016 10:38

If you use an RTMP channel in the Flex application, the server is immediately notified when the SWF file is disconnected because RTMP provides a duplex socket connection between the SWF file and the Live Cycle Data Services server.

RTMP channels connect to individual SWF files, so when the connection is closed, the associated Flex Session is invalidated.

Because HTTP is a stateless protocol, when a SWF file is disconnected, notification on the server depends on when the HTTP session times out on the server.

When you want a Flex application to notify the Live Cycle Data Services server that it is closing, you call the function disconnect All() { var answer = confirm("Disconnect All?

However, you can use certain techniques in your code to disconnect from HTTP-based channels and invalidate HTTP sessions.In this scenario, the default behavior on the server is to leave the current session in place for other applications or pages that are using the HTTP session. On web sites (my own included) that open a new window with the Java Script method, that new window no longer has access to session variables from the parent.Going into IE7 mode doesn’t appear to fix it either, which is a bummer. 1.1 2.0 3.0 3.5 AJAX c# Dell Education Enterprise Architecture Ever Quest 2 Everything Else Final Fantasy XI Gaming General Development Google Hardware and Software Insanity!

In IE7 and FF2, if I have a page that: Then, Run could read Session[”My Var”] and output ‘Hello, world’. Unfortunately, in IE8, the spawned window from doesn’t have access to those session variables.

I ran across this again reading through some Microsoft Training materials—the new window couldn’t tell I was logged in—and there was nothing (that I could figure out) to fix it.

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