Ipod mailboxes updating

21-Sep-2015 20:29

And, you know, just for safety: If you delete all your email, you may have a devil of a time getting it back.

The popular Dropbox-acquired i OS email app Mailbox has just been updated with landscape mode for i Phone and support for Gmail's "send as" alias feature.

Indeed this feature exists on prior releases of i OS too, and this is what the rearrangement of mailboxes looks like in the pre-redesigned i OS Mail app, it may look a little different nowadays but the function is identical.

Managing a ton of email is never fun, combine this with VIP lists in OS X and i OS and it gets quite a bit better though.

Now, it's Mailbox's i Phone and i Pod touch version to gain support for an alternate orientation.

Select Done and your password has now been updated.

I will note that you can currently only do this inside inboxes; inside individual folders and smart mailboxes, you're stuck deleting things piecemeal.

Have multiple inboxes and different mail accounts set up on your i Phone or i Pad?

As long as the same mail accounts are used with i Cloud, the VIP lists will sync from the Mac out to i Pad, i Phone, and i Pod touch, and vice versa.Overview: When you change your RU password, you will need to update your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch in order to continue receiving emails. Released last February as an app designed for i Phone and i Pod touch only, Mailbox was finally updated with native i Pad compatibility last month.It made the jump to i Pad sans support for portrait orientation, but an update issued last week rectified that omission.

Instead, if you want to arrange the order of mail accounts and mailboxes in Mail app, you can just use the following quick tutorial right from the Mail app to have them appear however you’d like.

Here’s what this looks like in modern versions of Mail app, notice the little handlebars on the side of the inbox and mailbox names, those indicate they can be dragged up or down to change the order in which they appear: This is a great change for those of us who manage multiple inboxes, since it allows you to keep your most important mailboxes on top.

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