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27-Jun-2015 07:45

This was more prominent several decades ago but it still remains true that (particularly in the northeast and in large cities) many forces are dominated by men of Irish descent.

This doesn't mean you should go spray paint a leprechaun on the door of the next cop car you see and wait for some Irish attention, but there's no harm in going to the police department to ask for some of their routine services (fingerprinting, residential stickers for your car, background checks, home inspections etc.) and see who you come across while you're there.

Chances are that there's an Irish bar somewhere in the vicinity of where you live and chances are that you'll like the cultural atmosphere of the venue even if you don't walk in and see your soulmate downing Guinness.

Irish ancestry lies in the lineage of a very large portion of the population of the United States (with the 2008 American Community Survey estimating it at over one in ten) so needless to say Ireland boasts many individuals in all parts of the country.

The Irish culture doesn't necessarily bleed through all those with Irish descent though, as Americanization, the culture of “who cares about culture?

Saint Patrick's Day is a testament to the impact that Ireland and Irish culture has had on the United States. Patrick's Day was celebrated before the Declaration of Independence was even drafted (put together by Irish soldiers in the British army), so this is a long standing tradition that has only grown stronger over the years. Patrick's day is recognized and celebrated by countries all over the world but the United States organizes the most epic celebrations (as well as being the primary enforcer of the “wear green or get pinched” rule).

If you have the ability to, you should definitely attend the huge Saint Patrick's Day parades held in New York, Boston or Savannah, as these are the biggest three held in the United States.

An up front conversation about religion and it's importance or lack of importance in your life should be considered when you begin dating.

The Irish have made a significant mark in the workplace in the United States as police officers and firefighters.

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