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This right does not apply, however, in a small number of cases where it could harm certain interests – for example when someone is investigating an offence.

Under data protection law, you have rights regarding the use of these personal details and data controllers have certain responsibilities in how they handle this information.

You have the right to data protection when your details are: If you are not happy with how your details are being used, you should contact the organisation in question.

Please read this section carefully to make sure that you are aware of your rights.

If an organisation or individual gets your personal details from someone else and not directly from you, they must tell you which details they hold and give you the name of the original data controller.

Most of us give information about ourselves to groups such as Government bodies, banks, insurance companies, medical professionals and telephone companies to use their services or meet certain conditions.

You can also ask the data controller to inform you of any opinions given about you, unless the data controller considers that the opinions are confidential.Even in such cases, your right to such information will usually be greater than the right of the person who gave this opinion in private.This short guide outlines your data protection rights and the responsibilities of those who hold and process your personal details. If you need further information after reading this guide, please contact us or visit our website at When you give your personal details to an organisation or individual, they have a duty to keep these details private and safe. We refer to organisations or individuals who control the contents and use of your personal details as 'data controllers'.

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You can ask for a copy of all your personal details by writing to any organisation or person holding these details on a computer or in manual form.See the section below on 'How to request access to your details'.

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