Is audrina still dating justin 2016

02-Apr-2015 09:56

He kept walking back and forth in front of my desk and I was like "What is this guy doing?" So finally he came up and he was like "Hey, can you help me at the coffee bar, I want to get something to drink." ...From its iconic fashion moments to its amazing soundtrack, The Hills will always have a special place in my heart.Lauren Conrad, together with her glamorous group of friends, made up my early-2000s squad goals.Come to find out months later, he actually hates blueberries!

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" And he’s like "Whatever you would want." And I gave him a blueberry smoothie drink.

(And, I'm willing to bet, yours too.) Of course, no show centered around hip, young professionals would be quite complete without some romantic entanglements.

That's why when I sat down to talk Audrina Patridge, who now hosts 1st Look on NBC, I couldn't resist asking her about one of the gentleman on The Hills: Justin Brescia aka Justin Bobby.

In fact, Patridge is the reason Brescia appeared on the show to begin with.

She says of the hilarious backstory behind how they first met: I met Justin when I worked at Quixote Studios when I first moved to L. I was working as a receptionist and he was there assisting one of the hair guys for a Steven Meisel shoot.

Patridge's recollection of the nickname's origin is very similar to what Brescia told Bustle when we spoke with him a few months ago.

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