Is dating a recreational activity

05-Dec-2014 21:10

Is it having a loving family, friends, freedom and self-determination? Is it contingent upon some level of economic status, education, a level of physical health and functional ability, or mental and emotional well-being? Whether considered as free time away from work, a set of activities chosen for relaxation, recreation or enjoyment, or simply a 'state of mind' to which one escapes for peace or reflection, leisure is valued by people as an important feature of life. Participation in healthy and constructive leisure should be an important and meaningful part of every person's life. Introduction Throughout history human beings have sought for the best of what life has to offer, yet they often ponder the question, "What is necessary to live life to its fullest? Specifically, definitions and historical perspectives of leisure are shared, components of leisure and barriers to leisure are addressed, information about the discipline of recreation therapy is presented, and the impact of leisure on disability and sexuality is explored. This article discusses important issues related to people with disabilities and quality of life as it relates to the role of leisure in sexuality.

" Within this Disability Studies Quarterly symposium experts have been asked to reflect on the role of sexuality in the lives of men and women with disabilities.Scholars and practitioners are challenged by the task of studying these questions (Hunt, 1997). University of Florida Department of Rehabilitation Counseling Individuals with disabilities, regardless of the type or nature of their condition, are likely to face certain challenges as they seek a high quality of life.Does having a disability make achieving a high quality of life more or less difficult?

Or is quality of life some combination of these factors, a subjective appraisal made by each individual about whether he or she is truly happy and satisfied with life and its opportunities? Might quality of life be seen as what people do with their free time, where and how they participate in recreation and leisure?

It should come as a surprise to no one that cheerleaders date and sometimes marry athletes.… continue reading »

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