Is interracial dating against the bible

23-Oct-2015 14:25

20 min 59 sec : I'm engaged to a beautiful Christian woman. God only commands us to marry people of the Christian faith.We have so much in common, except for one thing: OUR RACE. Some of my friends at church are telling me that God is against interracial marriages. He's concerned about a person's heart, not what color of skin he or she has. If we segregate ourselves in our most intimate scenarios like church, we likely do the same in our friendships and dating relationships.

Ethiopia is in east Africa, just north of the equator--this is a location of the black race. I love how God responded to Miriam's prejudice against Moses' black wife. Through this, God was saying to her: Miriam, if you think that black is ugly, then white must be beautiful. Miriam soon discovered that white wasn't more beautiful than black. The same principle applies today for us born-again Christians: We should not marry anyone who is not born again.Finally, her younger brother Aaron cried out to Moses in behalf of his sister: "Please, my lord, do not hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed" (v. The reason for this was not the color of their skin or their national origin, but the condition of their heart.

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Neil had his arm wrapped tightly around Daryl’s waist, and Daryl even planted a kiss on Neil’s cheek, as seen in photos on This is the first woman that Neil has been linked to since filing from divorce from wife Pegi Young, 61, on July 29.… continue reading »

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