Is madonna dating a rod

20-Jun-2016 20:05

Just take one look at the data–A-Rod’s top three hitters consist of Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Madonna. I hit a baseball 700 yards and painted a picture of myself and jerked off to it.” “I love you, Alex.” “I love myself, too. I think you guys thought I was trying to make a funny when I said A-Rod masturbates to himself.

Now his Mount Rushmore is made up of two movie stars, a cultural icon, and a fucking BIOLOGIST? A source told the New York Daily News, “Hi honey, how was your day? I found a positive biological link between Zika virus and microcephaly. This is totally working.” A+Z = LAMP My mind is struggling to make the leap but more power to them for defying the public perception.

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That kind of vanity projects itself onto his potential suitors. Page Six reports that A-Rod has been seeing the 42-year-old Silicon Valley biologist for over a month.