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where the character, Alex, was a defensive end or a linebacker, and he weighed 230.I'm at 200 right now, so I was excited to put on 30 pounds.6'1". I like being 215 or 220 when that shit is yoke muscle like in ] No, but thank god they let me be me.

I have a lot of freedom on the show especially with my co-host, Godfrey, who is a comedian. When I started acting 11 years ago, there were things you couldn't do: Movie stars couldn't do TV. I was going to college to play football and pursue a career in chemical engineering. And if I do one of those that wins an award, great, but I'm never going to choose a project to win an award.He's just…half the stuff we can't even use because he's either cursing or being vulgar, and I love it. So when I look at the industry, I don't have the dream to win an Oscar. Look at Matthew Mc Conaughey and what he's done…I love doing action movies. I never thought of myself as a host, but they showed what they wanted me to do and I was like, 'I want to be on this show.'When I was a modeling, I loved it. I had a buddy on my basketball team in high school who was in Dillard's ads in the newspaper. I read the script and I was like, 'I want this.' I even hit Kristen up and was like, 'Put in a good word!And though you may think you know everything about this week's #HGCD, read on for even more revelations on how he uses his K.Stew connection to get ahead, how he really feels about his reputation, and that time he and all of his friends almost got eaten by a shark.

But, like, a lot of people get validation, or feel that there's a level of success that comes from winning awards. We heckled him and gave him shit and he gave it right back, like, 'I made 500 bucks from one day of shooting.' And I was like, ', hold up.' I was mowing lawns for five dollars, so 0 at 14? So I asked him if I could get an in, he brought me to his agency and whatever, and I started doing it. I got to do so many shoots with animals and see the world and that helped transition me to commercial acting. I would just shoot rubber bands at customers who would walk by. ' But, regarding Kristen, you know, I'm proud of her for being herself.

And, so, after I did [the] Abercrombie [catalogue], I came out to LA, and they asked me to be a shirtless model. I learned that if you make your fans your friends, they're not as crazy. Times have changed now—there's a lot of invasion of privacy and a lot of ruined moments. I mean, I have a secret Instagram that's like my travel diary that nobody really knows about.

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