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The non-refundable registration fees range from 0 to 0.

I recommend all honest researchers avoid the many conferences sponsored by Academic Fora.

Now the bogus conferences business running by Academic Fora ( which is based in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The picture above shows the attendees at two, joint Academic Fora conferences, the International Conference on Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic & Applied Sciences (ECBA) and the International Conference on Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities (BESSH). Its domain name data is mostly blinded, so it’s unclear who’s behind this.

Their website has a section that says, “Following Journals are associated with this conference,” and it lists a bunch of journals, with essentially all of them from predatory publishers on my list.

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The company organizes conferences like a Saturday and Sunday classes of MBA course for job holders.

Every week conference in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, UAE and Turkey.