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Event Firing Enabled; // Set Event Firing Enabled to false to disable it base.Event Firing Enabled = false; } public void Dispose() { // Set Event Firing Enabled back to its original value base.What is the general approach we follow when we try to add / edit a SPList Item using the Share Point object model? Almost everybody will have a common answer to this (which is something similar to what is provided below). Update()” does the final task of updating all the assigned value for that specific item within the SPList. No, we can also update the same item using fields as per the current logged in user and current server time.Optionally it also updates the version of the item if the Versioning option is turned on for that specific list.So, at any point if we wish not to update these extra things i.e.As long as we are in to Share Point 2013 development, we would have come up with the Event Receivers.Event Firing Enabled = _original Value; } } The above class, I made it as sealed to avoid exceptions on the MSOCAF report generation. public override void Item Updated(SPItem Event Properties properties) { base.

After completing our updates, we need to toggle back the property.The properly from the SPItem Event Receiver class is public sealed class Disable Event Firing : SPItem Event Receiver, IDisposable { bool _original Value; public Disabled Events Scope() { // Save off the original value of Event Firing Enabled _original Value = base.There are certain scenarios that we will be writing Item Updated Event. But there could be a situation like, on the Item Updated itself, we will be updating the same list item.In detail, I have a list which has an Item Updated Event Receiver (Custom one, which developed by the developer).

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On the event receiver, we are trying to update some of the columns based on the entered column value.i.e., based on Column1, I am calculating the value for the Column2 and update the list item on the Event Receiver.

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