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"Jasper just rolled his eyes as he drank from his own mug. Leah has got to add imprinting into her shit whole of a life as well.

"That's ridiculous.""You don't believe me, brother? ""Of course not," Edward said as he took a sip of the deep red liquid, "What kind of idiot would believe a story like that? Edward Cullen brings Jacob Black back to his kingdom as his slave. He begins to fall for the young man and his confusion sends him into a spiral of anger and sex.

" Edward said with a snort as he looked up at his brother, shaking his head as the blonde's grin only seemed to grow at his disbelief before he reached down to pick up his mug of wine. He doesn't know that Fate is holding him on a leash and that his destiny awaits him.

It doesn't align perfectly with the video but I'm happy with the parts that I've managed to include.

But introducing Jacob's new girlfriend to Bella is exactly what sets into motion Alice's vision. In this tale, Edward and Jacob form a bond stronger than any other, but it might not be enough. Inspired by the incredible fan made You Tube video by the same name (You Tube user brokebacktwilight). Lots of Rosalie and Edward friendship, Jacob Black as an abusive ex (Trigger warning? Notes about the vampires: They are NOT Twilight vampires. When Sam tells Edward something in secret the vampire leaves Forks to find out for himself if it is true, and Jacob is left behind confused, and with only Bella as company. Jakeward, Bella/OC((im sorry I suck at summaries)) The Sequel of A New Life. The Cullen's and Quileute's are living their new lives as one powerful pack but are they ready to fight the most important fight that either of them have ever encountered in order to protect their pack... I highly recommend watching it before reading this story. I took elements from True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Let the Right One In. When people think of Imprinting, they think soulmates in the romantic sense. When the one you Imprint on is your age a lot of factors go into work to make it as such. It can be a best friend, or a brother, or a guardian.

You know the enemy that she's suppose to hate and kill when they so much as blink wrong.

"The same kind that believed in ghosts, not more than four years ago." Jacob Black died. It's not that she has more than imprint or even if they are Vampires.

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