Jaden and alexis dating

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" alexis screamed,she fell on the bed she didn't even noitce jaden come in thought the window."hi hot s Tails Scissorhands: Chapter 5Tails is tucked in bed, feeling warm and secure knowing he now lives with Cosmo and her friends’ house.

It’s the middle of the night, am to be precise; Tails couldn’t sleep for two reasons.

The two tailed fox watched his father suddenly fall to the ground, not waking up for years. Junpei turned his head to the others and smiled."Alright thumbs up! When they had the technology to find out, they indeed have discovered life and tried to befriend them.

After those years, Tails noticed that his father looked different..bones. But as time went by, the races have come to dislike each other, racism, wars.

Suddenly, he heard the door slowly squeaking open, Tails turned to see who it was; his face t Iori Junpei This is just some random little thing..you like it David, Yukari, Junpei and Akihiko were going to tarturus while Mitsuru stayed behind to give them support. He turned on a switch on his chair and a Video was brought up in front of him.

Junpei was acting very strange while they were walking to the school gates. He's always like this, nothing's gonna go wrong."Yukari sighed "I hope your right."OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODavid, Yukari, Junpei and Akihiko were wandering around a floor, but no shadow's was in sight. It was a news report about a human male called Commander Shepard, the first human spectre, hero of the citadel, Earth born, sole survivor, who defeated Saren from a geth invasion. The reports said that he had left the council to die and save human lives to defeat the geth, after the battle, an explosion came and a search team went to Where it always rains...am, an Island where it always rained, never stops, heavy, fast, dark.

Tails sniffed softly, it was vague to remember but he could manage to find a piece of his memory. They all heard chains jingling, death was right behind them, Junpei walked up with a smirk. But the Asari, Turians, salarians and Humans have become one and become the Alliance, but the hatred for each other is still deep inside.

The day his father died, the day Tails was almost complete, a few weeks before Christmas, he was going to get hands...until Tails’ father died.“Father...why? I’m not finished” Tails whispered, feeling some tears fall down his cheeks. A man was looking at a star on his chair with a cigar in his fingers, he brought it up to his lips, inhaled and puffed out smoke.

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Yukari tapped David's shoulder, he took off his head phones "What's up Yukari-chan? Nothing seems to change in this Island, a man named Joe, who had short brown hair, blue eyes, lived in a treehouse he made in his childhood, it wasn't easy to build in the rain but he made it.

It was always quiet here, except for the rain, he was relaxing on his bed and stared out of the window.'rain, rain, rain' Joe thought.'Why does it always rain?

One; he couldn’t stop thinking about the bi-plane he helped made.

Two, Tails was thinking about his whole life with scissorhands. I Mass Effect: Machines of war The galaxy is something that humans have always wanted to discover what was out in deep space.

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OKay i was bored so i made another one but it has no link like the last one, so there you have it you can read this for half an hour and drool for all you care, ENJOYComments thanks, tell me if it was worth doing it XD Jaden and Alexis"so jay what are you doing for valentine's day? ) "me and lexi are doing something tonight." jaden answered.jaden and alexis have been dating for sometime now,jaden also found out that jasmine was his sister,her and zane are dating too."so you and lexi are gonna do that sir." ty said."no! " jaden said to himself,without looking he walked into two people."owww watch were your going little brother." jazz srceaned at jaden."my bad sis,i've just got a lot on my mind." he said,walking away from jazz and alexis"uhhh that test was fuking stupid,the only reason crlower made that test hard is because i'm dating jaden that teme!

" jaden yelled,as he stormed off to alexis's dorm.alexis's dorm"why would they think that i would want to have sex with her we've only be dating for like..than a year!