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20-Aug-2016 19:24

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Jakarta has been the closest I’ve ever experienced to poosy paradise, at least on a short-term level.I have never seen such a positive combination of English language penetration, lack of bitch shields and white-God bule factor (more on that later) than in Jakarta.and none of these chicks were scrubs, but several high society girls, part time “models” and young professionals along with a few club rats in the mix.Having said that, the women are definitely not perfect.In the US, first thing this kind of girl would do is go to the dermatologist and fix these things, but I saw at least a dozen girls walking around who would be 8’s but were instead 6.5’s because they fit this mold.

I think I only have a medium level of game but after living in Korea and dating nice looking girls, I am pretty choosy when it comes to Asian women.Even with these standards though, I just couldn’t keep up with the amount of girls that were available to me…For example, there was a huge demonstration outside of my hotel in Central Jakarta and SIF gave me the heads up before I heard about this from even the hotel staff: tear gas and water cannons were broken out and I managed to stay out of harm’s way thanks to his update.Props also to Brodiaga and Soma for their great threads on Jakarta…

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As noted, girls here vary somewhat but they tend to have larger than average tits and asses for Asians, which is right up my alley.Skin color ranges from dark to extremely fair (mostly Chinese Indos) but even the ethnic Chinese-Indonesians have this very exotic, sexual look that is rare for East Asians.