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This approach is designed to help local law enforcement officers control and monitor the thriving flesh trade more effectively, given the lack of clear laws to cover prostitution.

A longer session would set us back Rp 1.3 million (US).“If you’re okay, let’s go,” she says. Prostitution is heavily frowned upon in the Muslim-majority nation, where it is often linked to issues ranging from human trafficking to pornography, money laundering and “crimes against decency”.

Still, there is no specific law that penalises it, with people only facing legal action when acts are associated with other crimes.

Many groups operate openly in the Kemayoran district, and along Gajah Mada Street in Central Jakarta.

In less than an hour, six prostitutes come forward to offer their services. “Rp 400,000, including room.” She appears to be in her twenties, and explains that the rate is good for a “short-time” service.

As I drive through known red-light areas, the scale of the industry becomes apparent.

Sex workers in skimpy outfits are a common sight along some of the city’s shadowy streets, as are their pimps and “anjelo”, the motorcycle drivers hired to chauffeur prostitutes to and from their appointments.

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Of these, 3,435 ply their trade in the centre of the capital.

The total number in the trade, however, is likely to be much higher, as the data does not currently capture male and transgender sex workers.