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17-May-2015 11:46

of path segments haphazardly connected by trips across bridges, around people's homes, and sometimes on the street.

The track of the ride at Strava can show you the way if you'd like to make the trip yourself sometime. road, natural midground and man-made background.) The kilter of the road and the angled lines of the background give this palpable sense of motion. I’d love to see that overcast sky burned in just a bit more but ultimately its really well done. Just a bunch of cycling butt shots would be boring for me, too, so I try to make a story about the day, or show something about Japan or the area.

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Here we cross from riding along the Kamo River, over both the Uji River and the Kitsu River, just above the point they all merge to become the mighty Yodo River. Many shots on this post are boring out of the context of “here’s what the river path looks like along the way”, which is perhaps boring in its own right, but useful datapoints for those interested in making the trip themselves.

Even though it had been eight years since I'd been there, , about the mile-long island where these rivers come together, completely covered by cherry trees. Once we get alongside the Yodo River, the path opens up to This year my inlaws are coming here so no trip to Japan for us. I love the casual shot of you all before you head out biking. that photo could be in many locations around the world (Anywhere suburban/urban where weeping cherry tree’s grow). I’m still more of a photographer/writer than a cyclist, so an interesting composition or subject is always on my mind.

then slog up through the dense suburbia to the mountains, then up and over them back to Kyoto.

there are long (multi-kilometer) stretches where there are no such gates, including places where one must indeed slow down for safety.They’re there to stop motorcycles and scooters, which is fine…