Jeff carter dating article dating relationship

25-Apr-2016 11:53

Just before hooking up with Howard around summertime, Campbell, a teacher, dated Flyers center Jeff Carter for a few months.

Jeff Carter cant cheat on Hartnells wife..isnt married to her.

But if it is true at least we know why Carter isnt scoring on the ice....seems the off ice scoring machine is a little hotter than the on ice one.

Not buying it personally....sounds like a blogger with nothing better to do (and rumor is the Flyers are contimplating suing the guy who wrote the story so if they do he will either show us the facts or pay the price).

He supposedly IS having an affair with Hartnells wife and apparently both Scott (or he wouldnt have married her) and Jeff (or he wouldnt be allegedly screwing her) think she is hot.

Probably not good for the lockerroom but so far it is only speculation..Hartnell hasnt kicked the crap out of Carter yet so reserve judgement for the moment.

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Dont go believing the rumors just yet...was all started by a blogger which usually means he needed something to get people to read his blog.Some girl named Lauren idk her last name and i know this cause my friend said its her cousins sister.

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