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30-Jan-2016 10:38

I've had more than my share of "non-functioning" first dates! That's because they're only at the beginning of an amazing journey and are still acquiring basic Jewish knowledge, developing a worldview, and discovering the direction in which they'd like to grow spiritually.

They need to know themselves a bit better before they can decide exactly what they're looking for in a marriage partner." If you've been through an orthodox conversion 2 years before, you should have all of those questions answered as best as they can at this moment in time.

And if she's like most orthodox converts I know, she probably had 3-5+ years in the orthodox Jewish community before her conversion. Two years as a BT can be a very short time, and if they mark two years ago as the time they became observant, that usually means that's when they really began. Don't hold out for a never-married person over 30 in the orthodox community. So many people get married young by secular standards, mainly because there is enormous pressure in the Jewish world (orthodox or not! If I had a nickle for every time someone said, "Well, I hope you're able to get married by 30! " Even at 26, I'm considered an "older single." In the end, none of this debate personally matters to me right now. That makes for a saner law student/conversion candidate/person.

A convert has not just begun his or her "Jewish life" at conversion. If I added another responsibility to my plate, I might just implode.

And I can guarantee she's got more than "basic Jewish knowledge"! Cross-reference this morning's post: Is There a Stigma Against Converts?

This Aish article really helps illustrate those kinds of stereotypes, particularly the one pointed out in my post's comments by Sarah, who has problems with people assuming she is Jewishly "clueless." Two years of being an orthodox Jew should more than qualify you as having a Jewish worldview and a spiritual direction. That I'm turning 27 in April, have at least 1-2 years until my conversion (if not more), and people are already making me feel like an old maid. There'll be more about this later, but the gist is that I can be selfish and take care of my own needs rather than worrying about the needs of someone else.

God's will for Rachel may be strictly a spiritual one, given the amount of time spent in studies and contemplation for some time, will greatly benefit and can be used by God for his purposes for the help of the Jewish people.

You read constantly that Jewish men are marrying non Jews, so if that was her goal, she would of had a better chance as a non Jew.

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Shabbat! This week, the letter came from a woman who converted about 2 years ago (Dating Maze #321: New Jew Blues). It's a pretty interesting article, but only partially because of what it says. And heaven only knows how many years it took her to convert!

I'm not feeling so well again, so my Shabbat is probably going to consist of a book and my bed! (since that's so different from what I normally post! ) On the Aish website, there is a running series called the Dating Maze. I especially like that the letter writer brought up how people talk about how, if you're an "older single" and looking for an orthodox Jew who hasn't been previously married, you're not going to find anyone "normal." To quote her, "The dates I’ve had are simply not suitable – either they haven't 'found' themselves yet in terms of life direction, or are not yet established in a career, or simply are not functioning well overall." Even from my secular past, I'd say that's still really true. Here is a quote from the beginning of the response: "We usually advise people in such situations to wait a while before starting to date.

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