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24-Apr-2015 22:41

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Today, a 24-year-old woman who is new to the Boston Jewish community shares her story with you.(She has asked to remain anonymous.) Where do I even begin?But there was always something that I noticed in women more than men.I’m not sure if it was an attraction, but I noticed women more. Throughout these years, I wondered if I noticed women because I was really attracted to them, or if they were good-looking and I wanted to look like them.I could start off by saying sex was never spoken about in my family; it just never came up.I never asked because I was still trying to figure out who I really was and what I wanted.

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I really am going to miss you after we graduate and have never felt like such a family until this past year. I wanted her to be there when I came out to my parents, but before that could happen, she broke up with me. I was so upset that all I wanted to do was shut myself out from the world.So that being said, I just feel I need to be honest with you and myself—I’m gay.” They jumped up from where they were sitting to give me hugs and say they love me. Now that I have a job, I have really started thinking about my personal life: Who do I want to be with and hopefully start a family with?So during senior week, all the sisters met up at an apartment to pre-game before the bar crawl. I had more stress than ever because I couldn’t find a job and was not ready to come out to my family.As I was thinking about how I wanted to tell them, I was starting to freak out inside. Finally, I took a deep breath and said: “Hey, so I need to tell you all something. I was “dating” someone, but I was definitely more committed to the relationship than she was.

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When I started to put myself out there, people asked me what I consider myself.

After doing some research, I thought I “matched up” more as a “lipstick lesbian” or “femme.” I read an article that said most lipstick lesbians tend to go in and out of the closet and have a harder time coming out. At the end of college, I felt comfortable enough with my sorority sisters to come out to them.

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