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At first these laws were called Black Codes, but because of their deceptive nature, they eventually came to be known as the laws of Jim Crow.Jim Crow was the name of character in a minstrel show.South Carolina began to establish Black Codes immediately.The Constitution of 1865, passed only a few months after the Civil War ended, failed to grant African-Americans the right to vote.After the Civil War, white Southerners moved quickly to eliminate black people's newfound freedom.They wanted to return blacks, in effect, to their prewar status as slaves.It also retained racial qualifications for the legislature.Consequently, black people had no power to combat the unfair laws.

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Minstrel shows were popular during that time, and they featured white actors in "black face," or black make-up.Because of this, the name Jim Crow represented the fact that Black Codes were based on racial disguise.