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Recruiting teachers can be a challenge, and teacher turnover rate can be high because of the part-time nature of the job.

Perhaps the best method of teacher recruitment is to tap teachers currently employed by the district.

Small adult schools are not required to have a full-time administrator, and most small school administrators are responsible for several different programs within their districts.

Education Code Section 44860 states that schools fewer than six certified employees may be managed by an individual who does not hold an administrative credential, for example, a teacher or other staff member who is working towards an administrative credential.

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They also must be enrolled in personalized in-service training as approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to qualify for a Vocational Designated Subjects Teaching Credential Most small adult school programs offer evening classes and hire part-time teachers to staff them.Staffing remains one of the greatest challenges in running a small adult school.This task need not be daunting if administrators keep in mind the differences between the K-12 and adult school criteria for staffing.One role of Adult Education is to help students who withdrew from school in the past to “drop back in” and to succeed in accomplishing their learning goals.

Schools with an average daily attendance, or ADA, of 100 to 199 require a half-time administrator, and schools with an ADA of 200 or more require a full-time administrator or equivalent.

Teacher credentialing requirements are the same for all Adult Education classes. For more information about teacher credentialing, visit the Web site for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).