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Jackson, and Jack Nicholson -- Peet worked as a waitress during the first few years of her acting career.

The sloe-eyed brunette made her onscreen debut in Craig Singer's Animal Room (1996).

That same year, she could also be seen in an episode of Law & Order, and went on to play a role in Grind (1996), a crime drama starring Billy Crudup.

Before long, Peet landed a small role in the Michelle Pfeiffer-George Clooney romantic comedy One Fine Day.

Since then, the actress has continued to build both her film and television credits: in 1997, she appeared in the AIDS drama Touch Me, and the following year she had sizable roles in South Boston crime drama Southie with Donnie Wahlberg and Rose Mc Gowan, which won the American Independent award at the 1998 Seattle Film Festival.

Peet studied with Hagen for four years, during which time she participated in the off-Broadway revival Awake and Sing.

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The premise has him as a cop who's tracking a serial killer until the disappearance of his daughter.

Other details are sketchy but five will get you ten that his character's also recently widowed/divorced (and maybe played by Amanda Peet in flashback).

So why is it that this affable and ever-appealing actor now almost always chooses scripts whose starting point has him dumped -- or worse?

After establishing himself as the guy guys wanted to be and the guy girls wanted to marry, largely on the strength of .

Born on January 11th, 1972, Amanda Peet grew up in New York and made a decidedly unconventional debut into showbiz: At three-years-old, a thoroughly uninvited Peet jumped onto a stage during the middle of a play.Despite the auspicious beginning, Peet treated acting as more of a hobby than anything else, and only began to consider it a potential career after her drama professor at Columbia University encouraged her to audition for renowned acting teacher Uta Hagen.