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12-Mar-2015 16:08

Two days later Brinkley accompanied the nicotine-fueled rocker to a taping of cover model to appear on Mellencamp’s arm, as he was married to Ford model Elaine Irwin for 18 years.

And of course Mellencamp is not Brinkley’s first intimate encounter with a performer who appeared at the original (1985) Farm Aid, as she and piano man emeritus Billy Joel were wed from 1985 to 1994.

, getting voted out in the earliest days of the game is a worst-case scenario. The former Major League Baseball player, infamous for controversial remarks he made in a 1999 — and he’s not sad about striking out. As long as Dale was there, our weakest player, I thought I was safe.

“I figure, my body is so polluted now that nothing [harmful] can live in there,” he told fellow Hoosier and former host David Letterman while smoking a cigarette last spring.

“Cancer can go in there and go, 'I'm not going in there!

The relationship has apparently advanced from minutes to memories in swift fashion.

Mellencamp and Brinkley were first spotted together on September 14 dining at the Bowery Hotel in New York City, although Gotham’s notoriously breathless tabloids failed to note whether or not canoodling took place.

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' There's gotta be somebody else better to go into and destroy.”For the moment, though, this budding romance hurts so good.

Besides, this is a new twist on the rock star–supermodel pairing: just a couple of empty-nesters who ain’t even done with the night.