Josh hutcherson and vanessa hudgens dating interview

24-Oct-2016 16:44

She met Josh during filming for , Vanessa quelched the rumors once and for good. Things got awkward down under for Vanessa Hudgens and ex-boyfriend Josh Hutcherson.

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson October 23rd, 2015 Josh Hutcherson is the latest celebrity to throw his support behind Jennifer Lawrence, who recently penned an essay in which she called out the gender pay gap between male and female actors in Hollywood. Nina Dobrev, Josh Hutcherson, and Zoe Saldana are the latest celebrities to do a PSA for President Obama’s “It’s On Us” initiative, which was announced in September 2014 to both raise awareness of and put a stop to sexual assault in colleges.

It’s a safety precaution to make sure he doesn’t drunk tweet.

Since, it’s been rumored that she’s dating Josh Hutcherson. It doesn’t mean you are dating them.” I imagine she could do a lot worse (or better, for that matter) than Josh Hutcherson. Perhaps she tried him on for size and then realized that he wasn’t a good fit?

Now, she’s denying reports of any relationship between them and is insisting that they are just friends.

The two did an interview with Australian morning show "Today" while promoting their new flick, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" earlier Tuesday -- an interview that came to a dead stop when one of the anchors asked "How long have you been going out?"Apparently the reporter forgot that the once-dating co-stars had split -- and Vanessa has already moved on with new boyfriend Austin Butler.