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模型代表应用软件的数据。  The view that is the visual representation of that data.Adhere to Java Beans design principles to ensure that components behave well in IDEs and builder tools.遵循Java Beans 设计规范以保证组件能够获得集成开发工具的良好支持。 5.Provide compatibility with AWT APIs where there is overlapping, to leverage the AWT knowledge base andease porting .Be implemented entirely in Java to promote cross-platform consistency and easier maintenance.完全使用java 来实现以保证跨平台性和易维护性。 2.

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为java 开发人员建立一套可扩展的GUI 组件,以助其快速开发出强大的面向java 的商用软件。 To this end, the Swing team established a set of design goals early in the project that drove the resulting architecture.

These guidelines mandated that Swing would: 为达到此目的, swing 开发组在项目初期建立了一套设计目标来制定最终的架构。这些指导要求swing 必须: 1.

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