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The languages being older in that part of the continent, the type of man existing there is the oldest known type. When this may have happened cannot be certainly known ; possibly about the time of the Aryan invasion into India.

'The Tartar languages show how the past is formed from the gerund. At the time of the Aryan invasion however, they were cjuite barbarous, at once both agricultural and nomadic.

Then the participle and past indicative are formed and the verb sense is recovered. They are, according to Sir Monier ^Yilliams, a patient, industrious, brave and apt race, with a literature of their own, and a rather complicated, highly accentuated and complete language.

i' i iiii MU ipiii .' 1 1 II I » i) n Mt i M VM n i l i i I ii|i)iii i i i iiii 1 1 1 i r i I (ir i n i i i iiiiiii n ul i w i f ■ . The Journal of the Anthropological Institute in an article on "Language as a Test of Mental Capacity," by Horatio Hale, M. 418, et seq., notices the remarkable work of the Eev. Potitot on the language of the Dene, Diudjie, Tinneh or Athabascan Indians of N. America, published 1876 by Pinart : — Tinne or (Une means in their language 'man.' They differ from the Eskimo, and more nearly resemble the Sioux. They are tall, slender, with wide cheek bones and large eyes, and with vei-y long shining black hair. Malay words may often be found in Polynesian and Papuan, and even in Australian.

The languages are one, and the races one ; and the black and white only probably modifications of the yellow." [Addendum to page 258.] THE TINNEH NORTH-WEST AMEEICAN. There is, in those parts of the world, considerable confusion and uncertainty and evident admixture as well as of difference of opinion.

Lastly, if the preceding classes of facts be well considered, the brachycephalic tyjae of head, which is that of all the races of Eastern Asia, will assume its rightful place. They have merely sunk so low owing to climate and circumstances (p. () gradually on arriving in Aiistralasia, probably by the Gulf of Caii Jcntaria, spread southwards, supplanting the Icwer savages of aboriginal Negritos, who last disappeared in Tasmania.

The process is seen more clearly than elsewhere in the Tartar languages, because they were formed directly from the monosyllabic type. It is a mistake, it would seem, of the older school of Philologists to look down on the Australian family of mankind, and to consider them in their present low condition as at best representing an earlier form of primeval man.

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