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01-Jul-2016 16:09

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“I found something different in the way the love story has been narrated.I decided to remake Sairat and contacted Nitin Keni of Zee Studios with a plan to remake the movie in all south Indian languages.”When asked about changes in the Kannada and other versions, he said, “The movie will be made to suit the native culture.Dog Quality is Canada's top provider of senior dog products.Having an older dog as part of your family is a wonderful experience.The Kannada version of Marathi film Sairat , which created a record of sorts by earning over Rs.

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Just because your senior dog is showing signs of aging it doesn't mean that you have to stop having fun together.

Thanks to some wonderful dog assistance products such as dog strollers, dog diapers, dog traction socks and more, you can dramatically improve the quality of life for your older dog.