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29-Dec-2015 06:21

2016 is the Satanic Jubilee Year following the 7th Shemitah.

John the Baptist was born on Passover; Johnitters worship John not Jesus. Establish a One on One personal relationship with JESUS through the Holy Ghost before it's too late.

If you gain nothing else from this site, You need to 1. JESUS is the Holy Ghost and the Authorized Word of God purified 7 times as promised in Ps 12:6 and made Flesh.

America is the eponymous name of Amurru and the Amorites who named America and worship Amurru; Amurru is the god of Satanism.

America will be the Scapegoat to be sacrificed by fire (Holocaust=Burnt Offering) as a Phoenix; the New Age of Lucifer will rise from the ashes.

Amorite King Hammurabi worshipped Amurru "High One", the Edomite Shepherd god aka America's namesake and symbol "Uncle Sam" (Goatee); hence Amorites were called "Amar" the Canaanite god of the West aka America.

Obama is President #44; 44 is the Gematria of Blood (Dam); Liber 44: Mass of the Phoenix; 44, the numerology in Solomon's Cube and 44 the coded numerology of the 9th Circle Initiation Ritual (Child Sacrifice). Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger) is one of the most dangerous Liars on Earth right now.

Harbinger means "One sent ahead to arrange lodgings or give notice of the coming of another" That would be Antichrist "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn ; Esau achieves Dominion over the world 1260 days (3 1/2 years/42 months) before Jesus returns at the end of "Great Tribulation"; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and returns on that day; Jesus returns when Creation is 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8) Jesus enforces worship of Feast of Tabernacles during the Millennium (Zech ); it stands to reason 3 1/2 years prior on Passover, Esau will achieve Dominion.

Heb -22 covers the 9/13-22, 2015 dates; the key word is "Blood" and lot's of it. 2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee, the real Shemitah-Jubilee will be 2019-20.

West is the "Land of the Dead"; the Setting Sun Logo Prince Hall Masons designed for Obama is identical to the Carbon Fund Logo and Pope Francis' call to eliminate 6+Billion Carbon producers sinning against "Mother Earth" Amurru was the original home of Black Magick ie Black Path Satanism. TU) is the Edomite Serpent; hence the US Eagle (Eagle symbolizes Esau) carries the Serpent (Ameru means Serpent) in its talons on the "Great Seal". GOAT (God Of All Things) is Pan, the seducing Goat of Pantheism; the androgynous "Baphomet" (Baph + Metis = Union of Spirit and Wisdom); CERN's "God Particle" giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe as the Horned god "Cernunnos"; ISIS the CIA homegrown "Domestic Terrorist" organization aka "Black Virgin" and "Mother Nature"worshipped by Jesuit Pope Francis who called for the elimination of 6.3B people sinning against "Mother Earth".

Hammurabi received his seal from Shamash (Sun); hence Shamash is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah. "The triumph of Science is finally realizing the carrying capacity of Earth is under 1 Billion people" Pope Francis' Earth Worship Encyclical "Laudato Si" (Be Praised) Satan requires a lot of death, and plenty of world leaders are ready to provide the sacrifices.

America is Amurru the Eponymous name of the Amorites; worshippers of Marduk use the symbol of the 6 Pointed Star; Zionism is their creation.

Amorites created Islam as well; Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab moon God "Sin". Amorites will be on both sides of WWIII; the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick and final Dialectic: Thesis (Zionism) + Antithesis (Islam)=Synthesis (Lucifer) the 4th Beast in Dan 7:7.Jesus separates Goats from Lambs; Amorite King Hammurabi "Code of Hammurabi" is written Revenge of the Goat.