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10-May-2015 22:52

It’s Trump with all three branches of government on his side and no one to hold him back That is what we’re facing.

It’s Trump with anywhere from 1-3 Supreme Court nominees.

This is first time writing a story so of course there will be many mistakes and i am not to good in English so probably I will have many English Grammar error so pl The problem with online dating, Donghae thinks, is that you never know what you’re going to get. "Choose Your Destiny" is an interactive story where you, the reader, take the role of the female lead. :) GUYSSSSSS OH MY FREAKING GOOOD I AM SO SHOCKED !!!

Witty emails packed with promises of attractive qualities can turn into a real life catastrophe in one short meeting. Beer bellies, nasal voices, ticks, ugly shoes, bad teeth… You will encounter multiple events where you will be responsible for choosing what occurs next; in the end, ch Here are all of the prompts from my friends and readers in one long story for easy access. Because someone suggested it, and yeah, it makes a whole lot of sense to me too. damn today i woke up at 10 am (that's early for me because i got to bed like at 3am, i have holidays :) i checked my phone and my friend messaged me 'OMFG HOLY SNSD' me 'what what about them' i had no idea, then i saw my korean friend messaged me 'taeyeon and baekhyun are dating !

Luhan is torn between friendship and a better future. My name is Blaxckz and I am 19 years old and I am also new here.. I really want to become a sriptwriter and go to Korea to shot some movie...

Yixing's coming to terms with the unexpected intrusion of a stranger in his life. Haha, it's kinda ridiculous but just thinking of it make me exited and happy at the same time..

"Whoever was there taking the pictures inside of a private party, inside of a private-er, private-er area of the house—we were in the kitchen of the house, where there was only like 15 people. " he told Unfortunately, the short-lived rumors lasted long enough to affect his personal life.

News that Khloe would go out with him if he were interested. She thinks he is very sexy and is her type," our insider shared. star isn't looking for anything serious with anyone, though.star debunked the hearsay pretty soon after photos emerged of them looking cozy at Drake's Memorial Day Weekend party.At first she tweeted a cryptic message, but when that didn't satisfy her fans she addressed the photos head on. When a couple drinks, a little flirting and an invasion of privacy collide things may look crazy," she wrote, and followed with, "However..ain't that and that ain't this."Although the rumors were silenced pretty much immediately, the NFL star still didn't understand how photos could spur that type of reaction.Some would say this is the charm about meeting over the internet. ' me 'OMFG HOLY HOLY MOTHER OF F*CKIN GOD WTF' then my friend and i freaked out like for 1h lol i planned to go to Kwon Sohyun, Choi Zelo, Nam Woohyun and Jang Hyunseung have a group project to do something with their topic: love. They all get along really well except for Zelo and Sohyun.

"She is all about dating this summer," the insider added.Michelle's always been in love with her best friend, Luhan.

The pair are reportedly working out a property settlement and Branch is seeking joint custody of their 9-year-old daughter Owen.… continue reading »

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The currency is called Rays, which can be traded for goods and services in the community.… continue reading »

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