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Barto hoped to avoid needless hassle by not telling his parents he's having sex ... Follow IMDb on Facebook This sitcom in named after two of the six main characters, each with a name rather suggesting the other gender: Jaqueline 'Jack' and David 'Jill' Jillefski, who gradually realize they were in love at first sight.

Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov. The other main characters are brilliant but insecure med student Barto, philosopher-barman Mikey, a natural womanizer who cultivates immaturity and disarming charm, Broadway-actress-dancer Audrey, who becomes Barto's girl, and Elisa Cronkite, Jack's colleague at the TV station.

This is one of the SWEETEST shows I've ever seen in a really long while!

Our local tv station just started airing Jack & Jill a couple of weeks ago and when I caught the trailer one afternoon, I was thinking to myself, "I MUST watch this one". Man, it just drives me straight over the edge hehehe.

See full summary » The friends are invited to the wedding of Jill's ex Becky Hart; Mikey looks forward to lots of dating opportunities; asking Jack as his date perhaps wasn't Jill's best move, as she considers it their...

A phone call for 'Jaqueline' informs Jill Jack never told her parents about him, but expects them and his widowed ma for the weekend.

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There are plenty of things about the ’90s to fangirl over today.

Whether it’s the awesome toys or child stars, iconic movies or hand games, the possibilities for the decade are absolutely endless (even though it itself ended, like, 15 years ago).