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11-Oct-2016 09:36

He should feel lucky to have such a hot, adventurous woman who loves him and enjoys trying new, fun, and novel sexual exploits. I'm a total dom in the streets and a submissive in the sheets. Sex is a place to explore power dynamics, comfort levels, and pleasure in unusual, interesting, and safe ways. And you owe it to yourself to be with someone who is excited to share these experiences with you. He probably hasn't been with a woman as daring as you.But that doesn't mean he's not totally into your kinkiness, babe.I feel like he likes it, but then is a little shy after. A little talk about sex isn't going to scare a choice partner off. This is way better than psyching yourself out and possibly creating problems where there are none. I just want to have a really honest and open conversation because I care about our relationship and your feelings are important to me." ASK him if the things you're trying are "too much." It's OK if they are!And if your new boo thang is uncomfortable with some of the things you want to do in bed, he should be able to talk to you about that. Am I just projecting my personal insecurities onto my boyfriend? When you're cuddling or taking a walk just say, "Hey babe. Not every person is going to love some casual BDSM (or whatever it is you're into).So talk it out and get some clarity on his feelings.And frankly, you shouldn't be with a guy like that.Your sexual preferences and history have no weight on whether you are a good person or girlfriend material.

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It's really about the "why." Why would he feel uncomfortable? Partnerships are about making everyone comfortable and compromising, sexually or otherwise.

I get your apprehension in bringing up touchy subjects with someone new. What is NOT OK is your boyfriend daring to think less of you (if he actually does). If this guy actually thinks you're a "whore" for liking kinky sex, that says a lot more about him and his personal confidence than it does about you.

Remember that, should you chat about anything sexual and intimate like that, they're going to truly wish to talk to you even more every time you call any phone sex number.… continue reading »

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