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This was different because everything was available to us — and the Going into this episode, do the savviest viewers have enough information to figure out who is after Derek and why? On our best day, I would like to think it’s like a Scooby-Doo episode.There’s always that piece of information that nobody knew until the very end.RELATEDCriminal Minds‘ Shemar Moore Hails the ‘Exclamation Point’ on Derek’s ‘Hero Ride,’ Says ‘I Left It All on the Field’ Series regular Kirsten Vangsness, who last season had a hand in revisiting an old case of former team member Jason Gideon’s, co-wrote this Wednesday’s resolution to that cliffhanger (CBS, 9/8), which was directed by costar Matthew Gray Gubler and will answer some burning questions (as well as deliver some very personal drama). I wrote Acts I and IV, she wrote Acts III and II, and then we swapped and would give each other notes. And she is very tolerant of my refusal to use spell check.

I’m not a big fan at all of dead people and violence, which is hilarious, but we managed to limit the casualties considerably. Gubler’s forte as a director, the really unsettling, disturbing imagery. Yes, he is, and no, it’s definitely got the Gubler spin on it. TVLINE You touched on how this was similar to the previous episode you wrote, but how was it different? I know that [Season 10’s “Nelson’s Sparrow”] was kind of about family, but this one is really, really about the family.

It’s definitely got it with our bad guy, played by Lance Henriksen (), whom I love him so much. That one was like a weird Rubik’s Cube because you’re talking about somebody that you can never see, [previously played by] Mandy [Patinkin].