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16-Aug-2015 15:09

It’s fine to initiate physical contact and if you do so, they will probably mirror your behaviour and touch you back.

This brings you together, adds intimacy and allows you to get in to each other’s ‘space’.

You can tell how interested someone is in you, what you are saying, etc. If they edge away when you get close to them, they don’t want you in their personal space.

This amount of space varies from culture to culture, but generally if you are in an arms reach of someone and they don’t show signs of distress, you are in the clear. )When you do this, their subconscious will pick up on the not-so-subtle hint and it’ll make the idea of kissing you stick in their head. It’s all about getting the idea in their head by using your body language effectively.

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When you are in a location that is good for kissing (i.e partially or entirely private), make lots of eye contact and then look at your partner lips. After that point, if they don’t kiss you, they may not be tat interested in you. If all of these things don’t work, flirting makes no difference and you don’t know what else to do… There’s a chance they are completely oblivious to all the things you have done to get them to kiss you, or are scared you won’t kiss them back.By you doing the first move, you’ll be able to test whether they really want to kiss you or not.

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