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If there were any adjustments to be made, Fortis BC power line technicians would be required to ensure they were done safely – creating an inconvenience for everyone involved.It wasn’t long before a solution was proposed – mount a camera on a separate pole near the nest for optimum viewing and convenience.The osprey has sharp spines on the soles of their feet that enable them to grasp their prey.Facts about Osprey The main predator of osprey eggs is the raccoon, while the great horned owl sometimes kill osprey chicks and adults.

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When they found the nest, Fortis BC crews de-energized the pole to make sure the birds will be safe once they return home (the switch, will not affect customers’ electric service).Fortis BC and the Town of Osoyoos saw an opportunity to use the nest as an educational tool.The idea was to set up a camera and stream a live feed of the ospreys.But there was a catch – the team couldn’t install a camera on the power pole.

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Fortis BC crews went to work, and completed the task.Fortis BC also provided funds for the camera equipment.