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15-Mar-2016 20:09

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symantec not updating server

Our goal is to provide a quality, free, & fun chat service giving people all over the world a means for conversing with each other on friendly, secure and drama-free servers.

We can host stable IRC Chat Channels with Services for you, your Group(s), Organization(s) or Website(s)We’re excited to announce that the IRC4Fun website has been redesigned in order to present our users with a more modern website and more interactivity!

We look forward to providing better service for our clients!

🙂 On Monday, October 24th, 2016 muse.* will be undergoing some much-needed maintenance.

During this maintenance window (11AM-1PM CST) muse.* will be off-line and traffic to muse will be diverted to other servers.

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Please contact us We’re pleased to announce that there is a new channel mode available on IRC4Fun for those who wish to use it, or may need to due to flood or spam. *[email protected]) Channel Mode +U will put the channel into Op Moderation mode, where all messages sent to the channel by IRC4Fun is proud to announce it’s latest project: United IRC Networks (UIN) United IRC Networks is powered by Py Link.You should be able to notice a speed difference immediately.This however was a very long process, We’re excited to announce a new server for IRC4Fun, coming from Quebec Canada (illusion. Rumors are, we’re also about to have a server in Japan..We hope this new addition (in addition to the rest of the new IRC4Fun Servers in different locations!

) The IRC4Fun website has been relocated to a new, faster host In an effort to provide better and faster service via the World Wide Web for our users, we have relocated the IRC4Fun website to a new host.We will try to work those out as best we can (so that We’re excited to announce another Bot Serv bot, o_o.