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25-Sep-2015 21:51

I don’t think scary ghosts and goblins and slashers and zombies are exactly meant to comfort us, are they?

But she likes to talk about her work at the Children’s Defense Fund.

She rarely mentions her role in using our tax dollars to spread bloodshed, often for no reason or the wrong reasons. Ironically it’s featured on a section of the site called Buzzfeed Yellow. And listen, there are all kinds of costumes which offend people.

Trump the jackass may have a demonic foreign policy, too, if elected. So putting your head in the sand regarding Hillary’s hawkishness is folly.

If we are forced to vote for her because of her insane opponent, that’s one thing.

Louie Garay cast a gaggle of gals and I’m glad it’s finally coming out. Although she and her tribe brought lypsyncing to the masses at Pyramid in the 1980’s, it is Bunny’s real vocal chords belting out those tunes and she is REALLY GREAT!

Bunny’s hair is bigger than ever, her heels are higher than ever, the gowns shorter or more even more elaborate then ever and the jokes raunchier than ever but sit back with a cocktail and while you are holding onto your guts laughing you will notice the high wire act of political and social concience that Bunny walks, few people dare to tell the truth like Bunny and fewer are funnier doing it.

Bun-Bun has a little cameo in this new film starring Haether Graham and directed by Perter Gatien’s daughter Jen. A review from one of my favorite performers is a blessing! “The show that delivers the unexpected is Lady Bunny’s solo show Trans-Jester!

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I, for one would NEVER miss a Lady Bunny show, Get your ass there, bring your friends and bask in their approval!

because under that free for all raunchiness is a power packed punch of truth that shows how some people turn being a queer outsider into a blow against the Empire!

Some of this is justified, even though Hallowe’en is meant to have an element of evil to it.

Thats’ why some christians see it as the devil’s work.

” NEW DATES JUST ADDED: EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGH THE END OF DECEMBER! TICKETS: Ask the mothers in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia and Haiti how nurturing they think Hillary Clinton is.

I’d love to see a female president, but not a mass murderer who kills for profit, not even for the safety of the US. K., but like most Hilary supporters, he is willing to look away from her rotten record on foreign policy.

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