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26-Apr-2015 12:14

A woman who has become famous for her gold-plated Rolodex, Huffington put out the calls to her friends last spring, asking them to contribute to her site.

There are calls to return, the phone rings nonstop, and her staff is lining up with questions.

When a woman has married a gay multi-millionaire, run for California governor, and morphed from conservative Washington pundit to liberal L. At eight, a car from CNN arrived at her mansion, in Brentwood, as it does most Fridays, to shuttle Huffington to the taping of its weekly show Back home shortly after noon, she has no time for lunch.

It is another busy day at the end of another busy week for Arianna Huffington. on this Friday in late August, returning phone calls to the East Coast, reading the papers, and knocking off the first of several columns she writes each day for her new online venture, the Huffington Post.

An assistant wants to know which columns to include in the "blast"—a weekly digest of Huffington's writings that is e-mailed to 80,000 subscribers.

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The son of the former presidential candidate Gary Hart has called to say he wants to write a piece for the Huff Post about his father's blogs on the Huff Post.

Someone from the anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan's entourage has called from Crawford, Texas.

Until recently, the prototypical blogger was an outsider, a lone voice at the computer, one of millions in a vast and ever more powerful conversation that has challenged the conventional wisdom as expressed by the mainstream media and, increasingly, affected national politics.

With the Huff Post, however, Arianna Huffington was creating a site that would showcase the opinions of dozens of bloggers, all of them ultimate insiders.

Another staffer wants to know whether a posting on today's Huff Post that includes the phrase "fucked up" can be sent to Yahoo, which has just begun to run portions of the blog.The Hollywood mogul David Geffen has called, three times.

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