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01-Nov-2015 07:01

I was thrilled to hear that Laura will appear on “Drop Dead Diva,” this weekend, co-starring with Cybill Shepherd in a plot she describes as “‘Devil Wears Prada’ with a twist.” First, I can’t wait to see it.Second, it gave me an excuse to catch up with her and congratulate her on her graduation this spring from Princeton. They handle the fantastical element very well and make it very real, and at the same time it’s a lot of fun to watch. But even if she was not my friend I would appreciate Laura Breckenridge as one of the most talented young actresses working today.She has appeared on television (“Gossip Girl,” “Related”), in movies (“Loving Annabelle,” “Southern Belles”), and on- and off-Broadway (“The Crucible” and “The Cherry Orchard”).Because Cybill Shepherd’s character is such a famous person we are surrounded by paparazzi, all these photographers.There were a lot of people involved, and a lot of components to the scene, so everyone had to coordinate and work together.

I don’t know if I’d ever want to do that in real life, but I’d never done it in a show and there’s something about sitting in that box! What I think Brooke does so well is that she will be the smart lawyer Jane and then have a flash of Deb, the model.They have built most of their sets on a soundstage and they replicated a courthouse that they used in the first season, down to the last detail, so it felt very much like a courtroom. She balances it so well and I think she lights up the screen. So she looks at me and I think, “Oh, no, she’s got me! She is a great scene partner because she has a theater background so she is always very present, very there. Another thing that was fun was the scene where we all enter.Because I know her, I can appreciate her professionalism, judgment, and dedication.And because I have seen her on stage, on television, and in films playing a wide variety of characters, I can appreciate her talent and her ability to captivate an audience.

We chatted a bit about the movies we’ve enjoyed lately and then I asked her about her latest role. I watched a bunch of episodes to understand the tone of the show when I was preparing, and loved them. The cast is very talented and I can see why it is a big hit.

I’m in an episode called “Queen of Mean,” airing August 1. She plays Ellie Tannen, head of a fashion line, and I’m her former assistant who has written a tell-all book, and she’s suing me now.