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26-Apr-2015 08:21

Despite the landmark year that 2015 was for transgender visibility on screens large and small, there is still a long way to go in order to fully represent trans experiences.We need representation across the board.” In an effort to vary such representation, Richards, who is transgender and known for being on “I am Cait,” teamed up with Laura Zak to pen the script for a Web series called "Her Story.” The series of six 10-minute episodes, available online for free Tuesday after a successful crowd-funding campaign, follows the lives of two trans women (played by Richards and Angelica Ross, who is also trans) and a queer woman (played by Zak) as they navigate the intersections of desire and identity.They were getting produced by another company out of Chicago, but [when that fell through] I came in and convinced them to let me produce it. Richards: I don’t think it was so much that we were constructing a conscious message as it was wanting to ground a story in real characters and real experiences that we had never seen depicted in any other form of media.

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Ahead of the release of the drama, Richards and Zak, along with producer Katherine Fisher, sat down with The Times to discuss creating “Her Story” and pulling together a team of primarily trans and queer women to get the job done.

So tell me, how did the idea for this series come about?