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20-Jul-2016 04:21

of Anthropology University of California, Riverside [email protected] With climate change very much in the news, historians have sought correlations between climate change and the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties.

This contrasts with traditional explanations by Chinese historians of those eras, who explain rise and fall as the result of human decisions and actions.

Climate after the last Ice Age quickly became warmer than today, up to a very few degrees C, and stayed very warm from about 7000 BCE to about 3000. (Human-caused global warming appears clearly only about 1850.For instance, in the loess plateau around 4200-3600 BCE, conditions were more than 1 degree C warmer than now, and precipitation comparable to current conditions in nearby mountains (Sun et al. Warm climates make China wetter, because they not only make the monsoon more powerful, but they shift northward the intertropical convergence zone, meaning that the monsoon starts closer to China. Alleged human-caused warming by rice agriculture in dynastic times is not credible. Once again, the fall of Tang saw several weak or child emperors. Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911, with major near-fatal rebellion 1844; once again with child-emperors at the helm toward the end. Absolutely free, no gimmick charges at end to download or anything. It makes creating a professional resume so simple and fun!

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