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02-Nov-2015 22:49

They’re adults now- but it took a long time for me to give up trying to advise them and change them.

Although I really didn’t want to appreciate him, I knew it was my way back to inner peace. Firstly, I appreciated myself for where I am: being angry.

I reminded myself that everyone gets angry sometimes – babies, even a certain guy getting furious in the temple two thousand or-so years ago! When I had calmed down some more, I began: ‘He does want the best for me,’ ‘He has been generous with giving me money when I wanted it,’ ‘I’m sure there’s a gift in this situation,’ ‘I remember him saying how he sees how capable and intelligent I am,’ ‘We did have that great conversation about meditation the other week.’ It’s no word of a lie when I tell you I got back to feeling great in ten minutes.

” and beamed at me (and I’ve never seen him smiling before).

And I anticipate a relationship shift with my dad.” “I was having problems with a cashier in the local bank – and I followed your advice of not only appreciating him but also appreciating the situation itself.I wrote things like “He was friendly that time I saw him…” and “I love that he’s given me no choice but to do the mental work and practice non-judgement and loving everyone.” Even though we had had some run-ins in the past, this last time I walked in he joyfully said “Happy New Year!

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I also treat children who are so frustrated at being unable to live out their fantasies in everyday life — and so confused by the message of endless sexual availability on the web — that they have committed rapes or sexual assaults.… continue reading »

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Firstly, it is the aspect of killing boredom to the core because of which premium effects are realized with optimum ease.… continue reading »

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