Laws regarding legal dating ages

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[tags: Middle Ages] - Science and technology in the middle ages flourished because of the need of inventions to make life easier.

In Europe, from the 5th century to the 16th century there was a radical change in the inventions made.

It was between the fall of the Western Roman empire and the early modern era.

This was a time for exploration in new ideas and ways of doing things.

Education and civilization was seemingly wiped out and forgotten about because the barbarians that took over the lands in which Rome had once occupied were illiterate and power hungry.

It is not only important for sustaining life, but food also plays an important role in society functions.

From Christmas, Easter, and thanksgiving food is an important part of celebrations.

However, in society today as well as in previous centuries there is a huge gap between wealth and poverty....

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Europe invented many things for wars, time-keeping, and for everyday use. They range from huge mortar to a small set of eyeglasses....

[tags: Science, Technology, Middle Ages, ] - The middle ages consisted of the time period between 5 A. It is most well known as the time period that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire- when the eastern world seemed to have plummeted into an age of regression and darkness.