Legalonlinedating com asia dating site in 2016

21-May-2016 21:18

This is Darren, a mid-thirties guy who introduced himself on Sexnet last year as a former rent boy from the UK, sexually active from 11 and a prostitute by 14 in the 1990s.

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The gay scene argot for inter-generational sex is called Daddies and Sons, apparently, although I don’t think there is any rule that it actually has to be a family thing!

“Grindr,” he says, “includes daddy as an option in what you are looking for.” Can we put numbers on it?

Darren has attempted to, using an indirect method rather than contacting any of these youngsters, which would have been legally fraught with peril.

For genuinely strong 21 century data (albeit pre-Grindr) on young gay boys willingly getting into relationships with gay men we need to go somewhat further afield, to North and South America, starting with Latin American communities, first in New York and then in Campinas, a city of over 1mn in south eastern Brazil.

The GYC was better years ago, “which is why it was shut down and then reintroduced with age constrictions by relative groupings”.

Yes, times have changed quite drastically, even within a decade or so. My information comes from someone who knows what he is talking about.

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Women, on the other hand, were dominated by their sexuality, and were expected to fall silently into the social mold crafted by men, since they were regarded as irrational, sensitive, and dutiful.… continue reading »

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