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04-Mar-2016 03:35

Second Chance boasts a few interesting ideas and Robert Kazinsky's game performance, but there aren't enough functioning parts in what's ultimately yet another mediocre take on the Frankenstein myth.In the premiere of this drama, a disgraced former cop gets a chance at redemption after he's resurrected by a billionaire and his bioengineer twin sister, but it's an opportunity that may not be worth the risk.More Mary's death is predicted by a game of chance to fall on the same day as a Lookinglass product launch.

More Two killers are on the loose thanks to the power surge that brought Pritchard back to life and helped them escape from prison, but the former sheriff is determined to find them and save the city he still believes is his to protect.

Meanwhile, Pritchard tries to gain Duval's trust by telling him they're half brothers.

More A series of murders involving young prodigies may be linked to an unsolved case and forces Duval to reconsider Pritchard's real identity.

Meanwhile, Pritchard's relationship with the FBI takes on new significance.

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More A killer is on the loose who maims and mangles his victims beyond recognition.Meanwhile, Otto becomes jealous of the developing bond between Pritchard and Mary and wants to look for a new donor.

From 1935 to 1936, she studied archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology in London, where she was awarded a postgraduate diploma in Western European Prehistory.… continue reading »

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Pictures released today show the despot cheerfully surveying varieties of corn and rice grown on a state-run farm - despite 140,000 North Korean citizens being in 'urgent need of assistance' due to floods.… continue reading »

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