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11-May-2016 04:53

While little information regarding the duo’s Coachella meet-up was available at the time of the event, newly surfaced rumors suggesting that the duo were seen getting “cozy” at the annual music festival has since prompted sources close to Di Caprio and Rihanna to speak out against the dating claims.

Di Caprio’s sources reportedly reached out to in regard to the Rihanna dating rumors after one tabloid report surfaced suggesting that the duo “couldn’t seem to get enough of each other” at the exclusive event.

The report in question alleges that Leonardo Di Caprio “made a beeline” for Rihanna once he spotted her at the event before noting that witnesses claimed to have seen the duo “getting cozy” amid the carnival’s festivities.

Despite the claims, sources close to Di Caprio and Rihanna revealed to the site that the rumored couple “said hi for a few minutes, and walked their separate ways” before shutting down the ongoing speculation about the duo’s rumored relationship.

Similarly, a witness in attendance at Weekend 1’s festivities explained to that Leonardo “slipped into the party incognito and was dancing and singing to ‘No Scrubs'” while Rihanna danced alongside her girlfriends just a few tables away.

While photographers were able to capture the duo’s brief meet-up on camera, sources close to Leonardo Di Caprio revealed that the actor attempted to block the release of the photos based on French privacy laws regarding the protection and privacy of public figures, however, the photos were leaked only a few weeks later.

In addition, a source close to Rihanna explained to that while Rih and Leo “chatted closely” during their brief Coachella reunion, it was difficult to see Rihanna’s “full reaction since she had those big sparkly sunglasses on,” albeit noting that the songstress “had a smile on her face” during their chat.

“They are friends and still hang out,” the source added of the ongoing dating claims between Rihanna and Leo.

The source further explains that while it appears that Rihanna and Di Caprio were kissing outside of the nightclub, the photos in question were taken “at a bad angle” and that Rihanna and Leo are nothing more than good friends.

Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio may have fueled dating rumors after they were spotted hanging out at Coachella’s Weekend 1 festivities this past weekend, but according to a source close to the duo, it doesn’t appear that Rihanna and Leo are anything more than just friends.

The newly reemerged dating claims began on Saturday after photographers spotted Rihanna and Leonardo hanging out together at Neon Carnival, where Rihanna was seen donning a Harley-Davidson sweatshirt, sparkly sunglasses, and an assortment of gold jewelry while Di Caprio opted for a casual baseball hat and sunglasses for the low-key appearance.