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Dee’s wife, Jackie Cote, has been fighting her former employer Walmart to get Dee on her insurance but was denied.

A representative from GLAD says that “as far as [they] know, [Dee’s death] will not affect the case.”Out country artist Brandy Clark‘s second full-length, , is due out this summer.

Dysh “allows users to get straight to the plate by finding, sharing, and rating food at the dish-level.”At i-D: Rebel dykes: the forgotten images of 1980s lesbian London.

I hate thinking people thought it was insensitive, because it was such a beautiful episode for us to shoot as well.”Without giving away any spoilers, make sure to check back later today for a piece on the trend of queer women’s deaths on TV and a recap of the most recent loss.

In some terrible news, Dee Smithson has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Blogger/designer Nicolette Mason talks fashion with the Ottawa Citizen. America for the second time, but the winner of 2007’s Miss Vermont and Miss Congeniality has made some major life changes in the meantime and has gotten divorced from her husband and re-married a woman.“If one little girl can look at me and say ‘I can love who I love and still be pretty,’ that’s powerful.”Agreed!

JD Samson shares her favorite tracks with The Guardian.

But then I’ve also had comments that ‘as an ambassador really you should be at home with your children, and not being a full-time ambassador’.”d Sexism includes “a subplot in which Luc catches [his wife] Stéphanie making out with her lesbian friend’s girlfriend.”New Haven, Connecticut has a new LGBTQ-friendly black church and it looks incredible.

Couple Kim Style and K-Town talk with their local Knoxville news station about their podcast, Same Sex Dialogue.Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen have launched a new app with fellow You Tubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart.She also talked with EW, expressing similar sentiments:“I think it was so emotionally overwhelming.The reaction that sparked within people, where I’m reading texts and tweets from people saying, ‘I’m crying and in tears,’ to be able to say you’re a part of that is an amazing thing.

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Judith Gough is an out lesbian and the British ambassador to Ukraine.She talks with Buzzfeed about how the “greatest reaction” to her being in her position has come from diplomats in other countries.“There is a level of difficulty sometimes in dealing with other countries where they do not have the same approach to LGBT issues as we do.