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As the age old combination of “Blood, Boobs & Beast” has become a reoccurring factor in the genre, we don’t mind giving these sexy females a spot of their own.

You might know a few yourself that would benefit from a little more exposure.

Our lovely gallery of Scream Queens, Horror Vixens, Actresses and Gothic Beauties.

Horror wouldn’t be quite the same without the sexuality of the damsel in distress, the hot lady bookworm or the bodacious presence of females running amok.

She has experience in print, runway, on-camera, and voice over work.

Some of her film credits include the upcoming features “Unholy Reunion” and “Double Eagle” (premiering in Japan).

Taking the reins and fronting heavy metal bands since age 15, she is primarily known for her death metal vocals for the band SORROWSEED.

(Currently, Nemesis Engine) Her style of singing combines low guttural growling and high-pitched shrieking; as such, she is often compared to vocalists Dani Filth and Angela …

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Her own twist of modern day vintage pin up, dark vixen fetish and Playboy style glamor has given the 23 year old her own unique look and made her stand out from the others. Read More » BIO: Lilith Astaroth is a metal singer, model, performer, and actress.

Nicole was interviewed for Jonathan Maberry’s book “Zombie …

Read More » BIO: Tomlinson earned the Pretty/Scary Award for her work in The Cellar Door, a horror and psychological thriller that is earning its own recognition for improving upon the girl-trapped-by-a-serial killer storyline.

The award is sponsored by the online magazine Pretty/Scary: For and By Women in Horror which called Tomlinson’s performance, “groundbreaking.” The online magazine Scream TV said, “Ms. Read More » BIO: Nicole Blessing is a trained actor, and has studied at the Guthrie, the Brave New Institute, and with veteran acting coach Lev Mailer.

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As we say….us to showcase your lovely aspects, as we’ve got plenty of audience members standing by!

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