Linux nis not updating map make

02-May-2016 21:51

A master server maintains the authoritative copies of system files, which are kept in their original locations and formats and are edited with a text editor just as before.

A server process makes the contents of the files available over the network.

Only one key can be associated with each entry, so a system file may have to be translated into several NIS "maps." For example, the /etc/passwd file is translated into two different maps called passwd.byname and passwd.byuid.

One map is used to look up entries by username and the other to look up entries by UID.

Either map can be used to enumerate the entries in the passwd file.

However, because hashing libraries do not preserve the order of records, there is no way to reconstruct an exact duplicate of the original file (unless it was sorted).

The unit of sharing in NIS is the record, not the file.

A record usually corresponds to one line in a config file.

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NIS, released by Sun in the 1980s, was the first "prime time" administrative database.It was originally called the Sun Yellow Pages, but eventually had to be renamed for legal reasons.