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School uniforms elicit varied, and usually opposing responses from students and parents.When there is a debate between functionality and fashion, conflicting opinions emerge.Depending on the school experiences we've had, one could harbor fondness for it, or develop a complete aversion towards it.In one sense, the school uniform debate might seem trivial, especially when more pressing matters exist in the form of establishing discipline, grading methods, and even setting the curriculum.However, there have been more instances of youngsters trying to emulate the hipper lot, and being conformists, rather than being different and individualistic.With uniformed attire, students cannot judge each other on the basis of what they wear to school.Experimenting with fashion at a young age can be a traumatizing experience for some youngsters.

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There have been instances of kids being bullied or ridiculed at school for either being too showy or too dowdy.

Advocates of the no-uniform policy see it as a limitation on freedom of expression.

While some see clothes as a medium of expression, there are others who feel that the school cannot be an appropriate platform to exhibit attitude. There is a sense of comfort associated with the uniformity that comes with uniforms.

Children do not feel the pressure to "dress up" or "dress down" when they go to school.

However, the uniform debate always manages to raise opinions, both for and against it. Uniforms have been the norm in private schools, with children, parents and the school management being on the same side over the issue.Public schools, on the other hand, have seen lawsuits involving anti-gay and anti-Bush t-shirts to even Tigger socks.