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Your inspirational songs together with the beautiful reflections on the mysteries of the Rosary have a very calming effect.In times of extreme stress and anxiety, I listen to your Rosary CDs in search of peace of mind and am never disappointed.The songs, meditations and prayers free the mind from distractions and lead the heart into communion with Jesus for deep inner peace.The Miracle Mysteries Rosary CD, although created for youth, appeals to men and women of all ages. Peter Ryan, SJ, captures the imagination with his bible narrations, and draws young people right into the mysteries in the life of Jesus for a personal encounter with him.Over time it evolved into its present day form (Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, O My Jesus, scripture quotes and closing prayers), with the Dominican Order adding the use of meditations on the mysteries in the life of Jesus and Mary in the 15Listening to the Rosary CDs not only drove negative thoughts from my mind, but also helped me develop a reverence for Mary that I never had, nor understood, before.I have become a much calmer person, so much so that my physician commented on it.

Janis Clarke’s four part harmony bible chants instill deep peace as they carry the Word of God into the inner recesses of mind and heart, cleansing, purifying and refreshing the spirit.

Her songs, some serious and some playful, sum up the central teaching of The earliest form of the Rosary dates back to the Middle Ages, and was a prayer of the laity (150 Our Fathers) in imitation of monks praying their daily Psalter (150 psalms).